Sun and fun in North Wales

Well I don’t know about you, but we are feeling particularly spoilt at the moment.  The weather over the past three days has been absolutely glorious – sunny but not so warm that you feel unable to work in the heat.  The view remains spectacular, and we are currently able to watch the buildings on the other side of the river vanish day by day: as the tree canopies are opening, many of the buildings are magically disappearing, in some cases leaving only roofs showing.

View of Moel Siabod on this beautiful day of Eurovision
View of Moel Siabod on this beautiful day of Eurovision

My apologies if what follows feels a little rushed, but some of us are trying to fit a full day in, leaving sufficient time to relax and curl up in front of the TV this evening.

In reverse order, for a change:

Today has seen us both occupied with routine matters such as domestic chores and gardening, including our first real lawn mowing since we arrived.  I say lawn, but in both cases it’s really a random assemblage of weeds with some grass-type foliage thrown in, but no doubt a few applications of selective weed killer might help here.  I did have to point out to Mike that a couple of my new feature plants to highlight the view from the restaurant seem to have inexplicably leapt under his lawn mower, but I live in hope that the route will be adjusted next time!  We also had a very enjoyable interlude this afternoon when a hen party of 14 from Bristol arrived on horseback for a ‘tea and wee’ stop.  This is our fourth set of visitors from the nearby stables and, based on currently experience, we have to say that they have an extremely interesting and polite clientele.  And I then took my Level 2 Health and Safety on-line training, so I can be sure I have a vague idea what I am doing when I start writing our Risk Assessments over the next few weeks as we prepare to open the business.

On Friday, we enlarged the opening from the cellar into the restaurant, after we had removed the ‘floppy’ bits of the ceiling.  Much of the ceiling is still intact, but various sheets of plasterboard had obviously been leaked on over the past months/years and were begging to be removed.  Then I painted parts of the balcony whilst Mike slaved over his percussive chisel (that’s a Kanga hammer to you and me) to remove the dressed slate on one pillar which had clearly had a previous life in a reception area rather than a beer cellar.  We were also privileged to have a visit from Mel who visits when she can for some gardening therapy, and is making significant and very welcome inroads into our bramble nursery.

On Thursday, I primed the balcony rails and ‘Hammerite’ed the uprights, while Mike moved our laundry equipment out of the boiler room into the scullery, to make room for the new boiler which is due to be installed over the next couple of weeks.  For a bit of variety, I tried my hand at chiselling away old putty from the bay windows in the bar/restaurant because we took delivery earlier in the week of new double-glazed panels to replace the broken or misted ones currently in situ.

So to summarise: still fun; currently both of us really quite tired; but am rushing off to read the subtitles and enjoy the absurdity which is Eurovision: perhaps next year we will be able to have a themed evening in the restaurant if enough people confess to also enjoying this guilty pleasure?!


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