Surrounding the throne

Let me first put all my cards on the table: we have been busy. I mean really busy. I mean – wow, if this is what a season is like, I can see why B&B people go on holiday to do absolutely nothing. (Prepare your violins, please…) what with early starts for breakfasts, then cleaning the rooms, then laundry, then prep for evening meals – its quite a full day, especially when we haven’t done this before! Our first week was late August last year, so this is the first time we have caught a summer season, and it turns out it is quite exhausting. Not that I am complaining – we are so relieved that folk are coming away on holiday, and enjoying their time with us.

Anyway, one day last week we had a day with few changes, so set to with the building works. We had taken delivery of a set of toilet cubicle partitions, so felt it was only fair to try to fit them. We put the verticle bracket on the wall…

…and then fitted the foot. With that in place, we cut the lower panel to size and put that in position.

We then had to trim the top panel – which obviously does not need to be square in several dimensions – and pop that in place.

At this point, we had to stop to welcome guests. Its hard to believe this had taken us most of a working day, and worse to realise that after we had installed it, we realised we don’t think the facing edge is vertical. Oh well, hopefully one day this week we will be able to get back to this.

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