Tales of those plucky Nor-folk

We are now 2 years and 10 months into Project Penaeldroch.  Sometimes it feels like we are making slow progress, but then I only have to have a quick look back in the blog to find how much progress has been made to date!  This week, we must extend a huge thanks to Yvonne and Julie, and also Alex, who have helped us make great strides this week.

Yvonne and Julie worked with Alex as Mike’s assistants this week as I have been tied up with other bits and bobs.  They managed to finish plywood and plaster-board lining the last of the stairwell…

The top of the stairwell wall now insulated and boarded

…and helped cut and fit the insulation board to two of the rooms on floor 2.  Below is one of the bedrooms…

First bedroom on floor 2 now insulated…

…and here we see the sitting room.

…as is the sitting room

Of course, if I look in the other direction, you can see that we still have a little bit of work to do before we are ready for guests.

Still a bit to do though

The insulation on floor 2 is mostly complete in the walls now, although there remains some to replace in the ceiling cavities (once we have recreated the cavity by fitting the plasterboard ceiling back).

The other side of the stairwell wall, showing the insulation in place

This morning, we thought we should take a souvenir photo of Team Norfolk, but Lola was quite insistent on wishing to join the party.  So you can see Yvonne and Julie, holding Foss, the true members of Team Norfolk, along with myself and Lola, the impostors from Wales.

Team Norfolk lined up for a parting shot

Today Mike and I had a day in the cafe, whilst Alex worked on a small outdoor task.  A couple of years ago, we lifted thousands of paving blocks and stacked them in piles, as you can see.  Having offered these on local websites, some have been removed to other homes, so the remaining stack had become a little . . .disorganised, shall we say, to be charitable?  I asked Alex to neaten this up a bit…

Alex’s mission, which he chose to accept

…and am delighted with his progress.  After we move the wheelbarrow to its home, and use some of the blocks visible towards the right hand end, we should have a lovely tidy heap, ready for us to offer them again to anyone who can use them.

We invite you to judge his success.

Now, if all goes to plan, and it is dry tomorrow and Friday as forecast, we hope to finish painting the front facade by the weekend.

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