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The past couple of days have seen more steady progress.  Mike has taken a couple of days out of his busy schedule to render the parapet walls above the snug.  Normally, I would have been cracking the whip to get him to undertake jobs in the order they appear on the master schedule (controlling administrator, moi?) but on this occasion, I  agreed with him that the water seeping into the brick work due to lack of render must take priority over minor issues like installing electrics in the kitchen.  They can afford to wait (but not much longer, I hear you cry) and there’s not much point putting electrics in if the rooms will be damp due to rainwater seepage…

So where was I?  Oh yes, Mike has been getting plastered (sorry) and I have been painting.  Having installed new glazing units last week we have a lot of bare wood that now needs priming.  Clearly this is not quite from the bang, crash, wallop school of restoration that we most enjoy, but it appears on the schedule so someone must do it, and as I am the more rules driven of the two of us, my name has ended up on the sheet.  Other recent excitements include:

Yesterday, we had a trip around a local garden that turned out to be absolutely stunning: created in a fold in the hillside so part protected from the winds, and with a stream running through as it descends the valley, it was a wonder to behold.   Rhodos, azaleas, iris, rodgersia, gunnera and other plants I have never been able to grow before in abundance: I am still stunned by and slightly in awe of the sights that unfolded.

We met the new person in post whose job is to try to increase use of the train from Llandudno to Blaenau Ffestiniog which runs through Betws-y-Coed and Pont-y-Pant station (approx 250m walk from here).  We talked of us possibly funding a poster in the station advertising our restaurant among other things.

And we went to a very interesting community meeting in Dolwyddelan (currently rather hush hush – will tell you more in a month or two) and then to coffee with some friends who very kindly gave us a Welsh slate fire surround surplus to their requirements but which we believe we can fit in the main house when we get around to revamping it.

Oh, and yesterday we had a visit from a colleague from UEA and her husband.  It was good to catch up on some of the news, although the slightly surprised look on their faces at certain times remind us once again that we have perhaps taken on more here than might have been sensible.  Oh well, tomorrow is another day, and it will be my turn for undercoating – super.


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