Team White on tap

We continue to work on refurbishing floor 2, specifically on making the main bathroom for that floor.

The floor is almost finished

Mike grew a few inches today – perhaps he ate his spinach?

With the floor now down, Mike and I constructed a box (above) to surround the down pipe…

The new bath, almost ready for use…

…and after that was done, we lined the area around the bath with plywood, ready to install the tiles.

It fills and everything

We checked that the bath was functional… always so satisfying when you turn on the tap and the system works as it should…

Carrie struggled to reach across the full width so chose an alternative strategy…

…and then cut and fit plywood for the floor, which will also be tiled.

Insulating around the down pipe to try to keep the noise down.

As you can see above, we filled the waste pipe box (above) with insulation…

Mike tiling the wall around the bath

…and then we tiled around the bath. If I say so myself, Team White does make a swift job of it these days – Mike tiles, and I cut and pass him the various tiles in sequence.

Ta da!!

You can see here that we have cut away arcs in two tiles, ready for the vent tube and housing to be fitted, when the correct vent arrives.

We had to stop at this stage today as it was time to host Panad a Sgwrs in the cafe, after which I was distracted from work by chatting to some of our customers… shocking behaviour, I know, but very interesting.

We thought we might take tomorrow off… so who knows what the sitch might be when I next write!

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