That sinking feeling…

Oh my goodness – it’s not often that I am this excited about posting a blog!

Charley and Boyd testing out the staircase

Charley (our eldest offspring) popped by for a visit today, partly because we are lovely parents and she couldn’t wait to see us any longer (?) and partly because she needed to return stuff we had leant to her for her wedding which we presume was taking up too much room. She had a quality moment with Boyd, who has spent the last 24 hours trying to avoid 2 Border Collies, not just one!
Charley and Cassie getting to grips with each other, through the medium of a shared (?) toy

Cassie (who normally lives in South Wales) came too, and she and Lola tried hard to be friends. Lola is usually very keen to play with any other dog, but we suspect Cassie regarded herself the senior professional and definitely took control of the proceedings. The net result:
I think Lola might be a bit weary now

one worn out collie. Lola has clearly had more of a workout than normal today. We have a few local dog owners who are happy to time their dog walk to coincide with Lola’s, resulting in two well walked dogs, but today’s experience suggests to me we might need to expand our network of dog loaners.
One mist coat down…

Anyway, we put Charley to work today on putting the base coat onto the newly plastered room 3 on floor 3… and she seems to have done a very good job. We also had Alex drop by. Alex has returned to college (totally with our approval) so could only manage today this week. But we struggled with his workload as the last of tasks was pretty much all outside work and it was a little damp…
Today has been very wet – can you tell??

…no, really, it has been hosing it down most of today (still stair-rods at 6.30pm) so we thought we would show you the river as at about 5.30pm, noting the river appeared to be all but empty when I got up at 7.30am today.
Yeah! Mike is a complete building wizard!

Anyway, all of the above has been padding so that this photo could be left until last. Mike investigated the slight leak on the sink plughole this morning, and all is now fine. We have a bath, a loo and a hand basin, all plumbed in and raring to go. Charley has approved the sample wall tile so we can get these ordered and start installing soon.
Oh joy, oh rapture – things seem to be moving in the right direction!

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