That so-important snip…..

A quick update on our refurbishments. Those who have been following us may recall that the main supply cable was still running across the stairwell but which used to be through a bedroom floor.  It has got to the point when this cable needed to go…..

The cables across the stairs

…but now the wires are gone!  The main supply cable took about 2 hours to redirect along the landing and under the new stairs.  The two other cables were then relocated much more quickly but oh, it is so satisfying to be able to walk up these stairs without ducking and/or stepping over wires.  It opens up the possibility to move quite a lot of rubbish out of the ‘building site’ part, now that we can walk up and down stairs properly.

Oh look – Carrie can walk up the stairs without resorting to limbo dancing

Whilst this work was being carried out, we made some fascinating discoveries.  Exhibit 1 is below.  Clearly, when the original electrics were installed, someone managed to nail through the wire, not once but twice, and not apparently even notice!  There is quite a lot of scorching on the cable, though.

Oh my goodness – what were they thinking?

Exhibit 2 follows.  We have heard from various people that there was a serious rodent infection here several years ago.  We have found some evidence of this between the floors, but yesterday we found evidence in the electric cables – so reassuring, don’t you think…

Fancy a nibble, anyone?

Now to the serious work.  Mike has completed the internal insulation on the external walls on floor 2 (except for the bathrooms), and shows this off below by virtue of his new work lamps installed on their stands.

One more insulated room

Meanwhile, Alex and I have nearly finished with the mulching, which is making the garden areas more obvious.  In addition, Alex planted his first ever tree, a cherry, which is almost impossible to see pretty much bang in the middle of this shot.

The garden is beginning to take shape

Tomorrow I am having my first day off in ages, so I hope Mike (who had a day off last week) is ready to take up the slack!


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