The Best Office In The Country

We are having a bit of a ‘steady’ time at the moment. Since my last posting:

• We have had a couple of days of really nice weather – sunshine and only light winds -and the view in the sunshine truly reminds us how lucky we are in our current choice of office.
• Tom and I have cleaned the moss off some of the steep steps leading down to the river, but unfortunately that has exposed the large proportion of these steps that are not slate and so we will need to undertake some remedial work in the next year or so to shore these up.
• Today Adrian and I started jet-washing the asphalt at the front of the hotel which was exposed after the slabs were lifted.
• We have sown a few more seeds and planted up a couple of planters with sweet peas, ready for the summer.
• Tom has now travelled to North Devon to his new job which should last until his plans for this autumn kick in.
• and mostly, Mike and I have spent three days trying to remove a flat roof over part of the old bar.

We already knew that this leaked as the ‘snug’ below part of the roof had been dripping with water last summer. What we had not expected to find was a layer of original roof; a layer of concrete covering this; a layer of saturated insulation and a second, thicker, concrete layer; a final layer of gunk and paint; and a considerable volume of water trapped somewhere between these which gushed out when Mike drilled a test hole in an attempt to check the thickness.

Mike is making heroic inroads into all this along with his friend the Titan concrete breaker, whilst I wait for a lull in activities and then shovel the rubble into sacks and from there into the skip. Such things as dreams are made of.

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