The Big Day came at last…

…and what a lovely day was had by all!

As it happened, both Mike and I were too busy to take any photographs on the day, but below are a selection that those we have been sent so far. None yet of the happy couple on the day, for which I hope you will forgive me – they will follow – but these pictures will give you some flavour of the day, which was dry!

We erected the marquee just outside the bay windows to make for ease of movement…

…and a very pretty marquee it was too.

The paint on the porch was just about dry in time for the big day…

…and there were plenty of wedding touches inside the building – here you see ‘selfie’ corner.

The couple left through a sparkler arch…

…and some kind person took this snap of Plas with all the lights on!

This picture, taken on the day after as we were all putting the building back in order, just about says it all:

Here’s hoping they have a wonderful life together!

4 thoughts on “The Big Day came at last…

  1. Hi Carrie & Mike,
    Glad to see that the Big Day was enjoyed by all. It looked Fantastic!
    I’ve been following & reading but not commenting for ages. Life just gets in the way.
    We’re in Llandudno at the moment & enjoying every minute of being back in Wales again!
    We hope to call in sometime before Saturday but if not, there’s always next time.

    1. Dear Kim, so sorry we missed you when we were in Llandudno – but as you say, life has a habit of keeping us all busy! Hoping you are all keeping well – and hope you will be relieved by some of the news in today’s post! All the best, Carrie

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