The cooker has arrived…

We have several photos to share with you today, so I’ll just cut to the chase…

We have removed the old carpet from the lobby, in preparation to fill some gaps in the concrete before laying the matting – ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots follow:

Lobby as it was...
Lobby as it was…


...and now with carpet removed
…and now with carpet removed – but see those holes!

We have put the special skirting in the kitchen and store, assembled one set of sinks, and taken delivery of the cooker (but it’s shy, so we have left it in the box for now).  It’s the hand sink that is loitering in the box on top, and we haven’t shown the grease trap – we thought some pleasures should be ours alone.

Sink and cooker - and sorry you can't really see the skirting
Sink and cooker – and sorry you can’t really see the skirting

I have been painting – this picture shows the trunking for the vent which has now almost disappeared into the walls, having been coated in our special anti-bacterial finish

Trunking now almost completely camoflaged
Trunking now almost completely camouflaged

Today we have been doing lots of twiddly, fiddly, bits, so for instance I fitted the five floor tiles shown below in readiness for us to fit the wooden board finish (now that Mike has worked out how to do this!)

Missing tiles in place - nearly read to finish the threshold...
Missing tiles in place – nearly read to finish the threshold…


whilst Mike also worked on the plumbing.  And last thing this evening, we assembled the new shelves – just so that we could check they will definitely fit into the space we have reserved for them.  We are very pleased with them, and look forward to Jane filling them tomorrow.

Shelves, ready to be laden with Jane's shopping tomorrow (shortly after I finish painting the trunking above)
Shelves, ready to be laden with Jane’s shopping  (shortly after I finish painting the trunking above)

You may like to know we have also had some interesting visitors this week.  We had a lovely couple of horse riders here on Sunday from the US so obviously we discussed Brexit and Trump among other things.  We also had a visit from Andrew who used to teach climbing here when the house was owned by TI in the 1960’s.  He has sent us some super documents from the time, which will enable us to piece together a further part of the building’s history, and we have also had a visit from a lovely chap who used to look after security at Plas Hall and he had some very interesting tales to tell!

Anyway, sorry to cut and run, but I must return to the delights of writing our Fire Risk Assessment.  First draft complete, but I just need to check we have covered all the essential points before submitting it later this week, ideally before the fire alarm system is made live.