The end of the beginning…

Steady progress continued this week – but not fast enough for my tastes, obviously! Patience never was one of my virtues.

Is this some new form of exercise regime?

I have been painting floor 3. The ceilings had their second coat of white earlier this week, and so now I have started on the wall colour…

More magnolia, anyone?

…and two rooms are now coated and drying. We are still using power tools in the third room, so I won’t be painting that until I know that all the dust has settled.

Looking more like a bathroom now, I think

The bathrooms now have a coat of vinyl paint on the walls, and await the second coat.

He’s gone camera shy!

Mike meanwhile was finishing a few of the touches necessary on floor 3, in between installing door frames on floor 2. Having taken this shot, I asked Mike to stop mucking around and provide me with a decent photo op…

…so now you can all see the T shirt he got for his birthday.

On a more serious note, I will continue to try to ‘finish’ floor 3 (with occasional input from Mike) whilst he is also installing door frames followed by the doors on floor 2 over the next week or so. So you may well be looking at more painting and door frames in the next post or two!

This week we have ordered the first of the furniture, and I am working on getting quotations for the carpet, so here’s hoping it won’t be too much longer now. We suspect we won’t be open until June (because the stairwell – being also the fire exit – will need to be totally finished before we can open), but let’s just see how it goes….

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