The man from Building Control…

…he said YES.

As of about 30 minutes ago, we are cleared to open as a hotel, providing we can let him see our electrical certificate and the fire certificate. Both of these have been promised by the companies who have tested our systems, so we should be getting them any day now.

In the meantime, I am back to work in the cafe, and then get some curtains tonight and then…. I will let you know more soon, when the emotions have settled down a bit!

6 thoughts on “The man from Building Control…

  1. Brav, Bravo, Bravo. At last the end of one tunnel is in site. You have both worked so very hard to get this far. Now let’s hope you can reap the rewards

    1. Thanks both. We are not having to struggle with the Freetobook / issues, but by end of play tomorrow should have photos to upload and….here’s hoping!
      Hope all is well with you both, and that you are warmer and dryer than we are.

  2. Very well done Carrie, Mike & Lola. It’s been a doddle eh! đŸ™‚ congrats from us. Look forward to recommending your accomodation……as well as the continued soup & scones plugging. See you soon, Angie & Mark.

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