The secret of happiness is…a few more stairs

Last Saturday (March 24th) was something of a red letter day in that we managed to install another flight of stairs into our building project.   You can see the stairs below, having a rest on the trimmer which will support both these stairs and the landing to which they will lead.

Just checking the strength of the landing…

It took a little while to trim the newel posts to length, and then to check that the slots into which they fit are clear of rubbish, among other tasks at this stage. After an hour or so of faffing about, we glued the newel posts in place and screwed the stairs in their place – voila!

Flight 4 of stairs – the first from floor 1 to 2 – in place

I think their best side is their other side, so…

Same stairs, different angle

Ah.  So long in coming – so satisfying when finished.  For those, like me, who are impatient for progress, we moved straight on on Tuesday (having been on cafe duty Sunday and Monday) to considering the next landing.  This will have to be fitted into the corner showing (you can see all the additional noggins to support the weight of the landing) meaning we next needed to complete the wall.  Yesterday found us finishing the plywood and plasterboard combo in the morning, and Mike skimmed the area in the afternoon.

Now, to finish this wall…

I photographed the wall this morning, and you can see it is drying out nicely.  Today we are in the cafe, so assuming the wall has dried out by then, we will be able to start fitting the landing.

Wall completed (to a certain extent) and now skimmed.

There were phases yesterday when Mike did not require the services of his apprentice trainee deputy under-builder, even though I was wearing my snazzy overalls, so I skulked off to an adjacent room and (with a little help from the Master builder) fitted the plywood panel to block off a doorway that used to lead into an en suite bathroom.  I then practised my wall-paper removal skills so that the corner you can see is no longer sporting wood chip wallpaper, over-painted many times, complete with various over-painted decorative friezes previously at the top of the wall.

Disguising the old doorway begins

With the plywood in place, I then installed insulation to the other side of the gap being filled.  In due course (i.e. next time I can nag Mike to give me a hand moving the 8′ x 4′ sheets of ply (that’s roughly 2.4m x 1.2m for the modern folk – and pretty heavy whichever system you use to measure it) and trimming them to size) this side will be ply-wooded, and then we can add plasterboard and skim – I’m sure you get the picture.

and insulation in place

We are hoping to be making good progress this Thursday to Saturday, but then have a few days lined up in the cafe so who knows when the next runs of stairs will go in?!?  I love a good mystery…

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