The stripping has begun

Sending you a slightly late welcome to December and all the joys it can bring.  I haven’t quite got around to putting up the tinsel in the cafe yet, but aim to do so over the weekend if I can get my other chores done.

Who would have thought that a few shelves could generate so much joy?

Mike, bless his cotton socks, has put the finishing touches on the construction of our linen cupboard, so I was able to prime the new bits earlier today.  You probably have no idea how excited I am that within the next 4 days (undercoat, top coat, 1 day to dry, 1 day to fill) I will have a serviceable linen store for the first time in nearly a year!!!

I started stripping the wallpaper from the ‘outside’ walls on floor 2 above the cafe yesterday, December 1st, as we make a start on the next major plank of the refurbishment project.  I will leave the internal walls until we receive the plans, at which point I will know whether the wall is for stripping or due for demolition.  Adrian arrived to help this afternoon, after my Welsh class this morning, so we spent much of our time trying to discuss what we planned to do this Christmas (Nadolig) or where we will go on our holidays, since these themes form much of my surprisingly limited vocabulary at the moment.  I won’t bore you with photos of stripped walls for now – that will come later!

Mike has almost finished lagging the pipes in the boiler room.  We can tell this will be effective, as we no longer feel the urge to remove many layers of clothing as we walk past the door to this room.

On the more domestic front, Mike and I visited an auction house in Colwyn Bay on Monday for the pre-sale viewing, and are delighted that we seem to have found somewhere auctioning the kind of furniture we hope to use when refurbishing the manor sections.  We also enjoyed a guided tour of a local 5 star B&B (Tyn y Fron) which benefits from magnificent views and very welcoming hosts Barbara and Nigel.

Yesterday, I managed my first visit to our Welsh conversation sessions with coffee (and free lemon drizzle cake this week) running on Thursday afternoons and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  We had two conversations running for much of the hour, with the beginners (me) asking the questions we have been practising in our classes, and the more experienced speakers enjoying what sounded like a far more normal conversation.

Before I relax into weekend mode, I am posting some photos taken over the last couple of days which show a slight contrast from the autumnal colours snapped so recently:

The regular view, for comparison
The regular view, for comparison




Oh, and I nearly forgot:  As you can see below, Stuart has visited and marked out some concentric circles on the labyrinth base, so that we can see what may or may not fit.  The random blobs are plants I moved down to this lower garden a month or so ago, and really must deal with soon.  On December 20th, starting at 12 noon, we are holding a labyrinth day, so that gives me about 2 weeks to get around to it.  No pressure then…

A possible design being tried on the labyrinth base
The beginnings of a possible design being tried on the labyrinth base