The surprises continue

I feel rather painted out at the moment – as you might guess if you could see my clothes now streaked with white.  Many windows are now looking better but this has necessitated the erection and dismantling of the scaffolding tower more times than I care to count. While the weather has been wonderfully warm and sunny, our location means we almost always seem to have a stiff breeze coming to us up the Lledr valley and when this catches a loaded paint brush, thin wisps of paint make pretty pictures on clothes, paths and anything else nearby.  As a form of light relief, yesterday Mike took a break from painting to repair the sit-on mower and cut the lawn.

Then whilst I drove our youngest to Llandudno Junction to catch her train, Mike took out a plastic window in the snug so that it could be replaced with a wooden one which actually fits the aperture.  To our astonishment, once he had removed the old ill-fitting window we discovered that the window aperture was about 5 degrees out of square, so he then had to cut away quantities of render to enable us to put the window frame in square to the building.  Of course, at this point, we could have fitted a considerably bigger window in the aperture, but such are the delights we fill our days with at present!


New wooden window - upright - for snug
New wooden window – upright – for snug

Actually, whilst on that subject, I should tell you about yesterday’s other little excitement.  As the restaurant should open (we hope!) next month, we plan to upgrade the facilities that used to service the bar.  The current facilities for gents are pretty vile, so they will be converted to a drying room later this year.   For the ladies, there is a single door leading to a ‘large space’ containing two sinks, and then an archway leading to three cubicles and (if you venture through a doorway) the back stairs.   There is also a door, which many people (architect, surveyor, us) had assumed led into a corridor that links the front entrance to the new restaurant, the ladies toilets and then on to the old kitchen and other parts of the house.  The architect’s plan shows the creation of two new doorways from the long corridor into the ‘large space’ so that we can subdivide the current ladies toilets into three separate facilities: an accessible toilet, a ladies, and a gents.

Imagine my surprise when I tried to knock through the plasterboard skin in the corridor towards the ladies to find slate work identical to that on the exterior of the old house where I had expected to find a wooden door.  So I then tried to break through from the wooden door within the ladies towards the corridor.  Through the first little hole I could see some materials so assumed this was old insulation.   Enlarging the hole, I could see plastic and dark fabrics and genuinely had a moment wondering if I was stumbling across an old crime scene… Enlarging the hole further, I realised I was being a numpty as it became clear . . . I was looking into a laundry cupboard which doesn’t appear to have been opened in 20+ years.  Shame as we had hoped to find the doorway continued through and now we will need to put in a lintel and break out lots of external wall complete with dressed slate which is not going to be a five minute task!


Is this a cupboard I see before me (I haven't dared open any of the bags yet!)
Is this a cupboard I see before me (I haven’t dared open any of the bags yet!)

Anyway, today we have fitted the newly painted wood burner (thanks, Gill) into the restaurant (this time the appropriate distance from the wall, with cement board behind) and fitted the hanging baskets to the ‘real’ front door to feel we are going in the right direction, but am definitely looking forward to a day off tomorrow.

Amazing wehat a lick of paint and a few blooms can do to a place
Amazing what a lick of paint and a few blooms can do to a place
Stove looking a bit better than last time you saw it
Stove looking a bit better than last time you saw it

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