The wettest winter on record…and we are still building!

I’m not sure if the casual reader would understand my excitement, but the line of blocks you see above marks the beginning of a truly thrilling phase for me. At last, it is warm enough (without risk of frost) for us to do block work again. We have put in the last line of blocks over this lintel, which brings us to the height of the joist hangers…which is when we will stop building block walls (below) and change to timber walls (above) the floor level.

As we complete sections of the ‘ground floor’ walls between the steels, we then switch to fitting the joist hangers and joists in each section. Here you can see the latest section is complete…

…and here can see that we now have three out of eight sections fitted with joists. Yippee!

For me the real advantage of this stage is we finally tidy up the ‘wonky’ top line of the walls, so it looks less like a half-demolished structure, and more like a half-built one, which is surprisingly important at this roughly half-way stage through our Plas rebuild journey.

To the extreme left below, you can see the wooden lintel (I know – we couldn’t believe it either) that used to be above a window…

…and once we had removed it, we realised it really was a lovely piece of timber, perhaps 4m long, so will refrain from cutting it into firewood and hope to find another use for it anyday now.

After a bit of faffing around and ensuring engineering bricks were in place, we fitted the replacement catnic lintel at the correct height for the door which will be going under the lintel eventually…

…and then knocked off for the day. The forecast had been dry for today when we checked it last night, but the weather turns out to have been wet…really wet… and really quite windy. Hopefully if you look closely in the puddle behind Mike you can see the surface being blown about by the howling gale!!

No worries – tomorrow is another day with, hopefully, weather more suitable for building.

2 thoughts on “The wettest winter on record…and we are still building!

  1. Great to read that you are looking at your building project as being on the UP! spurring you on for the positive stage of building it back, a few warmer dry days coming, you are all amazing, best wishes to all Julie

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