Things are getting quite quiet here, for a change

The refurbishment work continues apace, so I won’t bore you with details of my trial hairstyle, ready for being mother of the bride later this month (thanks, Lee), or the training I have attended on digital marketing.  No, I will get straight to the point, once I have told you how fantastic the weather still is here, and how beautiful the landscape is looking – although I grant that it remains necessary here to make allowance for the volume of junk still lying in inaccessible (but sadly visible) areas of the grounds.  We really must try harder!

Mike has de-nibbed the ceiling and is over-plastering the old swirled ceiling plaster.  (The colour is because we have sealed the ceiling with 2 coats of PVA; the first coat was yellow-ish, the second red-ish so that we could see where we had painted).

Have you seen Mike’s new toy – his new platform is proving invaluable

Meanwhile, I was taking down some old stud walling as the doorway to the en suite bathrooms needs to be relocated.  Imagine my surprise when one decent heave with the sledgehammer moved the entire wall!  I am not sure how visible it is in the shot below, but about central to the shot is a sheet of plasterboard that has left company with its frame.

Mike and I have been insulating the stud walls which has had the undesired side effect that we now cannot talk freely to each other from room to room; we have to position the radio very carefully if we are both to hear it; and if folk call ‘hello’ from downstairs, there is only a very small chance either of us will hear them.

This acoustic insulation is marvellous stuff – we can’t hear each other talk in adjacent rooms now!
Working on the stud walling below the window…

In bedroom 2 we have almost completed the ceiling and walls ready for plastering.  The ‘short’ wall under the Velux window was installed today, leaving a space for an inspection hatch as we have completed the pipework for the radiators, but will not be able to connect this up for another few months as we complete other floors.  The inspection hatch will enable us to fully investigate any damp patches that may result when we start the system running, which given our recent experience of unintentionally flooding part of the cafe is a sensible precaution, methinks.

…now plaster boarded

We have also insulated the wall below, partly because it is ‘a good thing’, but mostly because it made it simpler for us to install the electric socket in this wall.

This internal wall has been sound insulated

To take a quick break from the internal work, I have had my chitty signed entitling me to a day or two outside to do some much needed weeding, as our beautifully reclaimed land and the associated flower beds from last year had disappeared under long grass.  These grasses have been roughly removed and raked away because tomorrow, if I play my cards right, Mike is giving me permission to remove the slope you see below.  This used to be part of the fire exit from the rooms, but as we now have the stairs in place, this has become a redundant eyesore rather than a simple eyesore.

This slope is nearing the end of its life!

I will leave our detailed plans a surprise until the photos can reveal more, but thought you might also enjoy a quick snap of the hydrangea petiolaris doing its thing on the front wall.

The climbing hydrangea doing its thing

Look forward to showing you more of our endeavours in a day or two…

4 thoughts on “Things are getting quite quiet here, for a change

    1. Yes siree, its great to be making progress, but in this heat think we might be slowing up soon. And of course, with the wedding next weekend….

  1. Hi Carrie and Mike,
    It was good to see you again this week. Carrie, your hair looked good. I always wondered what that slope was for, now I know. I don’t think I would have wanted to try it out for real though!
    Love the hydrangea, there is a bungalow in Betws that has one climbing through a tree and it’s nearly as spectacular as yours.
    We’re back home now. See you next time around. Hope you enjoy the wedding and all goes well on the day


    1. Dear Kim
      Thanks for this – and for your note via Facebook. Lola is beginning to settle, but I think we had both forgotten how exhausting it is to have a puppy around the place! Hope all is going well for you, Carrie

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