Tickets for our folk night are selling like Jane’s cakes!

Over the last few days we have managed to return to Mike’s first love of tweaking the building.  Whilst I have (largely) been finalising our accounts or helping Jane in the restaurant, Mike has been re-rendering the area around the front door.

Front door after we moved it to its new location
Before: the front door after it was re-located earlier this year


and after: door now undercoated, and surrounding rendered
and after: door now re-glazed, undercoated, and the surrounding has had its first coat of render

He has had to learn a new technique to match the render style, but we think once the second coat has been applied, dried and been painted, we won’t be able to tell the difference.  I think Jane has been enjoying herself though: Mike has commented that when he is working so close to the kitchen, he can smell the delicious aroma of baking and/or cooking all day and is struggling to stick to his work rather than come and sit in the warm and eat.  On the other hand, as he is working just outside the entrance, he does get to stop and chat on a fairly regular basis anyway.

Today we took delivery of our level 5 hygiene sticker so will put this up as soon as we have specially buffed the glass door onto which it will be stuck.

On the domestic front, on Sunday I went to Ty Mawr Wybrnant for an open air service during which a lesson was read in Welsh from a very old edition of the bible.  If I understood correctly, Ty Mawr is a typical stone built upland 16th Century farmhouse in which Bishop William Morgan used to live – and he is the man who first translated the bible into Welsh, so the reading from one of his old bibles felt particularly special (even if I understood very few words).  On Monday I attended a meeting  of the Betws y Coed Tourism Association.  So tell me, honestly, which would you rather do – attend a few meetings, of find yourself doing the activity below:


Anyone would think we didn't have a workmate to use for support....
Anyone would think we didn’t have a work horse to use for support….

And autumn is still strutting its beautiful stuff for us – I just hope the reproduction is good enough for you to enjoy the changing colours




Oh yes, and finally, I must let you know that tickets for the Mouton folk evening on Saturday November 26th are selling really well.  Almost all the tickets have been sold or reserved, leaving us with only a very few for anyone who has yet to declare an interest.  We hope that  this bodes well for a fun evening.