Time for a break

This week has been a quiet one on the building front.  This is partly because I went to Cowbridge (slightly to the left of Cardiff) last weekend to go shopping with our daughters; partly because we have pretty much run out of things to do before the plumber comes; and quite possibly mostly because we are both exhausted.

Last Saturday, whilst I was drifting around the shops, Mike and Jane were looking after a walking group who parked in the morning, went walking, and arrived for tea in the afternoon.  I believe Mike and Jane coped admirably, but I suspect they might have had to have a quiet sit down afterwards.

Top car park
Lower car park

We have continued to work on clearing and improving the landscape, and I have potted on many seedlings and planted bulbs out on the hillside which we hope will be remodelled by next Spring, assuming the stairs are in place, enabling us to remove the wooden slope.

Given the stalemate we have reached, we have decided to get away for a few days.  We will stay in North Wales so that, should we hear that the plumber is coming, we can whizz back if necessary but otherwise plan to spend a few days doing absolutely nothing, leaving the building in the loving care of Jane and Tom.  When we return, we hope that normal service will be resumed!

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