Time for a short pause, methinks

Just when we felt we were finally able to make steady progress, we have hit a teensy snag.
On Sunday and Monday, Mike was cooking in the cafe, whilst I continued to clear and plant up the slope. In total, I managed about one day in the garden, between running for cover in the showers, or rushing in to change into my waitress uniform during the busy periods. So the slope currently looks like this:

Planting shown as of 12th June

You may be able to see a path of slates which have been uncovered, but which will need some serious repair work before we make any use of them. I plan to persevere as we think these will look very good once the planting matures, and also be useful stepping stones for the weeding.

This morning, we set to with a will to start details planning for installing the stairs into the stairwell. Our enthusiasm was high; our dedication to the task resolute; our preparedness impressive – for us (calculators, plans, several expanding rules, carpenters pencils, chalk markers, you get the drift) so after brewing a cup of coffee we were ready to start. We measured the plans, we calculated, we measured the stairwell, and we marked the walls. For those of you who wish to see the evidence, I hope these photos do our mornings work justice:

Stud wall with lines marked (which you may not be able to see)
Shot of the back wall, with stairs 6 and 7 marked
…and the chalk marks on one of the slate-faced pillars

To tell a long story very short:
so the stairs are drawn as 5 steps up on the right hand side, then a ‘landing’ as step 6. Turn 90 degrees (along the back wall) and continue as steps 7 and 8, with second landing as step 9. Turn 90 degrees (now returning along left hand side) and steps 10 – 15 are drawn, with a ‘landing’ as step 16.
We carefully marked and measured the first 6 steps; then the next 3; then got to step 15 by which time we had run out of room for step 16. By which I mean the slate wall that used to be the back wall of the manor is only about 890mm away from the back of step 15 when the plans require it to be at least 1100mm away. Ooops. Big oops.
So obviously, we measured the void and the plans again, and then a third time. Eventually it dawned on us to check every dimension, whether directly in the stairwell or not. This enabled us to notice that the plans don’t appear to be accurate to this part of the house. They show a ‘remainder’ dimension in the rear corridor being 1433mm which we measure as 1275mm.
We hope to be able to get through to the designer shortly to work out what to do next. I hope this won’t take too long, as I suspect Mike will have redesigned the stairwell and the staircase numerous times before we speak to her otherwise. By this afternoon, his favourite is to put in a form of circular staircase instead. I prefer to wait until we can speak to the designer and work out quite where the error has crept in first…

Anyway, to work off our frustration this afternoon, Mike added plywood to the short wall in the staircase whilst I undercoated five windows on floor 2. Distraction therapy, anyone?
I hope to be a bearer of more constructive news later this week. Watch this space (or hopefully not, as you should have more interesting things to do!)

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