To Bee Or Not To Bee

So the remainder of this week has been spent removing the old flat roof. Mike has chopped away and repaired most of the rotten joist ends, and then placed a very large tarpaulin over the roof in case of rain, whilst I shoveled the remaining debris into the skip. Meanwhile Adrian and I continued to pressure-wash much of the remaining drive, to remove the evidence that until recently it was buried under hardcore.

Yesterday I ‘stained’ the fence, but I am rather reluctant to mention this since your votes on the colours to use (or not) were, shall we say, rather mixed? We received 2 votes for white; 1 for deep green or blue; 2 for neutral / natural effect; 1 for anything but white; and 1 for a stain rather than a paint. And one of these respondents was prepared to march to get their point across! So we applied a stain called autumn glow or honey blush or similar- but I’m not going to photograph it for a day or two to allow the slightly strident colour a chance to mellow… And today I read lots of paperwork regarding visitor days and spend in Wales, and hotel star grading systems, ready for us to start ordering furniture and so on. Oh, and took delivery of a superb blackcurrant bush looking to relocate – many thanks to the generous donor.

Mike meanwhile trundled off to Bangor University’s farm for his 2-day Bee-keeping course which he has clearly thoroughly enjoyed and has returned with huge enthusiasm for a hive or two in the woodland in due course. Sorry for the blog title, but this is only a day after Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary celebrations!

Step forward everyone with two thumbs up and a bee suit
Step forward everyone with two thumbs up and a bee suit

Interesting moment of the week for me was a visit from the Diagio rep (selling Guinness and Gordon’s Gin among others). We explained that the old bar is no more and that the restaurant will be fully licensed and supply local beers and the kind of drinks a walker might want after a great day in the hills. He gave me a sample of ‘Pimms Cider Cup’ which I hadn’t previously heard of and which I plan to test early next week: here’s hoping it is as delicious as a regular Pimms.

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