Today it rained – yippee!


For the dog lovers amongst you, we show Lola puzzling with a new toy sent by Charley.  The idea is that the dog has to work out how to access the treats hidden within the toy.  Lola seems to need just a moment or two before launching herself at the goodies.  We did mention to Mike that perhaps he only needs to put one or two treats into the gadget, but I think it might take quite a lot of training before Mike masters that one.

Lola with her new puzzle – and how exactly do I get the treats out of here?

The weather has broken with a vengeance.  Rain today was being delivered horizontally and with generosity, so we decided to set to work indoors.  I drew the straw that had me running the cafe all day, whilst Mike led today’s contingent of workers (being Alex plus a friend from student days, Gill) to work on floor 3.

Bathroom – en suite to bedroom 1 floor 3 – which Mike has now marked up for the fitments

Mike measured up the first en suite to check where he would be putting the bath, the sink, and loo, the heated towel rail and so forth.  Having measured and proposed, only one set of electrics had to be moved when he worked out that the door would not be able to open fully if things went in in a certain position…

The first mist coat has been put onto ceiling and walls of bedroom 1 floor 3

Meanwhile Gill painted the first mist coat (the 40/60 one) on the walls and ceiling of bedroom 1, and will no doubt move on to bedroom two tomorrow…

Bedroom 2 floor 3, up for mist coating tomorrow…

before moving to the third room which is currently housing all the stuff not yet fixed in place elsewhere.

…and the sitting room floor 3 in which the bathroom fittings are resting for a wee while

When the rain stops, we hope to return to the external paintwork, as I don’t think the scaffolding is helping with the summer trade…or is it just the heat that is putting people off walking here?  Answers on a postcard please…


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