Today, Matthew, Mike will be teleported

The warm weather continues here – with Porthmadog being the hottest place in Great Britain for two days in a row, you can imagine how much our plants need watering, and that’s not a phrase I was expecting to have to use so soon in our new location.

Mike has now completed his beehives and has only to finish the stand for them both before the bees arrive later this month.  At the same time, I have potted on a lot of seedlings and am rapidly running out of room to put them, so am having to cox and box a bit to keep things alive in minimum possible space.

Today felt almost like being on a proper building site.  We hired a teleporter for the morning because we cannot approach many of the gutters from a ladder or tower as low level roofs or other projections make this impractical.  The teleporter enabled Mike to be lifted to various positions, swiftly and accurately, by Tomas (in the cab) and he managed to clear large quantities of yuk from several gutters as well as establish that the smaller set of decorative eaves are essentially sound (so he washed them) whilst the larger set are completely rotten (so he had a cup of tea).

If I touch this woodwork, will it self-destruct?
If I touch this woodwork, will it self-destruct?  Probably….

At the same time, we have our boiler man on site to overhaul the boiler and install a new heater.  He has found that the very large copper boiler was installed in 1966 (by virtue of somebody having helpfully written this on the copper) and also has a leak which has left wonderful verdigris patterns but needs further investigation.  Of course, this inspection has required him to empty the hot water tank so we have moved from intermittent hot water (depending on who was staying and how much spare electricity the national grid could offer) to no hot water at all.  Frontier living is so glamorous!  What with all this, plus two or three sets of visitors during the day, its been a ‘progress is seen to be made’ sort of day.

I forsook my turn in the teleporter (as it will be coming back again soon) because I was working on that most important job of digging out old putty on windows, making ready for the glazing to be replaced later this week.  Eight down and only another thirteen to go.  When that got too tedious, I read the useful government guidance and produced our Fire Risk Assessment, just in time for a visit from a fire officer tomorrow.

We are still working towards opening the restaurant in late July, so if you have any favourite recipes that you would wish to see included as a star attraction, or any suggestions for food you would really like to see offered, please feel free to let us know.

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