Tom and Kate got married…

and I can’t believe I haven’t shared these photos more promptly! Many, many apologies for the long silence, but I have been making curtains as fast as my poor little fingers would allow. I have made a further twenty curtains since I last wrote, and I still have twelve to go. With properly cold winter weather scheduled for next weekend, I will be getting on with these again tomorrow.. and the following day right up until they are all fitted!

So back to the important news: Tom and Kate had a fantastic wedding and both sets of parents approved!

The wedding venue was wonderful…

…and our delightful children behaved themselves beautifully…

…except when they were acting up.

It was a superb day, followed by Kate’s parents hosting a pasty party which was really good fun, and a great informal way for everyone to get properly acquainted.

But now, back to the work. Further evidence above of my sewing activities, this time with Boyd, the cat, taking up position on my shoulder -which of course makes sewing so simple!

For those who have forgotten, above is the left hand end of the trench we had dug ready for forming the foundations – only this time Mike has squared up the edges and also confirmed that the rock was too high The irony was not lost on us that we had had to dig down to find rock, but then the rock was too high for the ground beam, so Mike needed to take the breaker to the rock to make room for the ground beam.

At the right hand end, which has always been the more problematic end, the rock at the base has been obscured for weeks by the large puddle/lake that had collected above it.

Yesterday, we cleared the area in front of the trench, so that the lorry delivering the concrete base could gain access.

Here is a reminder shot of the deepest part of the trench – after Mike had baled out the worst of the water – but it doesn’t really give a sense of the depth so Mike nipped in…

…momentarily, after we removed the supports, to show just how deeply we had to excavate the rock…

…before the Readimix concrete was delivered this lunchtime. Let’s pause for a moment to recognise the enormity of this. After months of faffing around, everyone had finally agreed a way forward that we can afford. The first step required that the enormous hole on the right hand side be part-filled with concrete so that there is a solid base between the rock and the bottom of the ground beam which we need to lay 400mm below ground level along the front of the ‘extension’.

As the lorry started delivering the 3 cubic metres of Readimix, Mike tells me he was convinced he had over ordered. (Sadly I was in no position to reassure him since the lorry was late and I had already left to attend a church meeting). Naturally this means he had really under-ordered: when I got back to find him showing off his handiwork to our wonderful neighbours, he admitted we will need to mix perhaps another cubic metre of concrete to bring the level up, before we put in the ground beam and await the next delivery of Readimix.

We believe our backup team, Julie and Yvonne, will be visiting soon, so providing we can get hold of the ground beam materials, we should have more progress to show you next time. Fingers crossed!

2 thoughts on “Tom and Kate got married…

  1. Carrie & Mike you ate two amazing driven people, that trench….well words fail but you are moving forward, huge well done.
    Aah! Puss is a re-assuring paw on your shoulder, you can rely on a cat to find the best seat in the house.
    Lovely wedding photo of the happy bride, groom and parents, definitely one for the album. Your fine grown children.
    Love to everyone, Julie

  2. Hi Julie
    Really, we are not that driven – its just when you are living in the chaos you occasionally find you really MUST do something about it!!
    Here;s hoping we can keep on keeping on now that the ice and snow are clearing.
    Hope you have a really lovely Christmas and very Happy New Year
    love from Carrie and Mike

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