Trials and Tribulations – and not with the building!

First of all, my sincere apologies for the delay in blogs.  We have had problems logging on to our own web pages since our server was hacked a few months ago, and this last week have lost not only the ability to log onto our pages, but also have been unable to receive Penaeldroch emails.  We hope to resolve both matters soon, but please bear with us while we try to resolve these difficulties.

I will keep things brief to avoid overwhelming you with three normal blog-posts of details.  Since last I blogged, the cafe has become a lot busier, so we have spent more time in the cafe and thus have less time to spend destroying the place.  Having said that, we have still managed to:

make  our first batches of nectarine jam

From our increasing range of preserves…

take out the electrics and then stud walls on floor 3, and also removed plasterboard and insulation

Mike removing the timbers…
…in a room now largely free of internal walls
we have pulled this insulating out from the wall…
…because this time, we plan to insulate the space properly!

and then dropped the junk from a floor 2 window into the waste bin (action shot below)

Waste disposal the Penaeldroch way!

Do some planting up inc plants from Kath

finish painting the window on floor 3, then dismantle the tower

we have thinned a stand of larches back to one tree

been to the riverside and marked plants to be pollarded later in the year.

lit the bonfire, to try to clear the space for planting, but then covered it with the larch trimmings

Entertained our nephew and his friend

Today was our second busy day in a row, and Jane now on holiday. so taking our leave to ensure we have the energy for the next couple of weeks without our chef.



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