Trying for a drying room

Last week, Mike disconnected this charming (?) old sink, and we moved it out of the scullery.

In the old gents’ toilets, we began rebuilding it into a drying room. First, we installed a double thickness of insulating mat in the loft space…

…whilst we waited for our floor repair patch to dry. After flowing self-levelling screed over the floor last week, we found a high spot on Monday. Mike broke this up with hammer and chisel, and then covered the patch with a second attempt at this self-levelling lark.

Once the insulation was all in, we fixed the plasterboard in place, and when we got bored with that…

…we popped outside to visit the old sink. A spot of welding has now reattached the sink to its stand, so Mike sanded it ready for me to overpaint it with Hammerite a bit later on.

Back in the drying room to be, we added the plasterboard to internal walls, and insulated plasterboard to external walls, so it has been almost transformed from a building site now…

…even more so now Mike has started on the plastering.

Meanwhile, I painted the sink support and the garden stairs. Excitingly, plasterboarding of this room means we have now moved all of the materials out of our ‘loading bay’ in the library, so this area can soon be returned to a more domestic appearance. It really is the beginning of the end of this phase of the building works. What will we select to do next, I wonder?

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