Turning the corner…

To recap for anyone new to our blog: Mike and I are almost five years into a ten-to-twelve year project to bring Plas Penaeldroch back to its former loveliness. The time estimate is extending, partly due to Covid, partly due to us adding new work to the list, and the overwhelming majority of the time we are having fun.

But right now, I am getting a bit fed up with these toilets. We began work on them back in February but events have intervened such that we are still working on them nine months later!

Here Mike is fitting the plasterboard I lovingly cut into the ladies toilets…

… and here we are applying a patch of plaster to level up the wall where the old back wall of the ladies ante-room runs into where we blocked up the old entrance into the larder. Once that plaster went off, we were able to plaster more normally.

Oh look – more plaster drying! I am so sorry that this week’s pictures are less than thrilling, but hopefully things will pick up next week. This really has been a tough part of the project but we have now finished the plastering so jobs should be a little less messy soon.

What we are not photographing is my other work. When the building work only requires one pair of hands, I am busy clearing out ‘John’s bit’ which is the four-bedroomed area currently housing most of our tools and materials, and in which we will be working in the new year – or at least we hope so, assuming our March application for planning permission is granted by then. The old flat roof above it is horribly leaky and if permission doesn’t come soon, the building might have fallen down before we are able to help it!

This afternoon, we found ourselves slightly ahead of schedule so started tiling the last toilet floor in this tranche of work. Perhaps one day soon, we will put some lights in…

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