Two weeks, and two projects

We have been progressing on two fronts. Firstly, we are having to empty part of the building, ready to remove the roof. Here you see a corridor, and the random ‘stuff’ resting there which all needs moving, but there is less and less space into which we can decant our ‘tut’.

On the other hand, herewith the fireplace in the main reception room. Mike has designed a fire surround, which starts with uprights of ‘three-be-two’…

… which are then clad with MDF, in various widths and lengths…

…until a complete fire surround emerges.

We then took a little while to study it, and realised that the mantel shelf was too narrow, and the beading was convex where concave would be better….and viola, this time with supporting detail previously removed from the bar which we dismantled about 5 years ago!

Whilst all this was going on, we also had help out in the ‘car park’, when a local farmer and his tractor moved around various items we were unable to move, so that we would be ready to remove the roof any day now.

Back inside the single storey extension, we have now relocated most of the ‘tut’…

…so we have four rooms which are completely empty of ‘stuff’, including radiators and copper piping, all of which has been removed and sent for recycling.

In the meantime Shaun has arrived and undercoated the fire surround with first one coat…

…and now two coats of undercoat, so I felt able to position my grandparents barleytwist candlesticks on the mantleshelf, just to check that they would look ok (even if I didn’t have enough candles to finish the effect).

Shaun is ordering some fancy paint to transform this fire surround into a complete triumph of the decorative arts – I will include a photo next time so you can decide if he has succeeded!

2 thoughts on “Two weeks, and two projects

  1. Doing well, fireplace looks great, I too have grandparents barley twist candlesticks, but in a box somewhere.

    1. What a week! Up till yesterday the weather has been pretty damp here, but my goodness what a lovely couple of days we have had, and more to follow. Hopefully, there will be more building work to report as a result! Our love to all in Wretham x x

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