Under pressure…

I start with apologies for this late posting.  Unfortunately, we have had a small personal drama to deal with that has diverted the blog writer’s attention.  Big soz as I believe the idiom was, probably so long ago that our children (all now young adults) will consider this an appallingly cringe-worthy attempt to ape the hip cool dudes, for which my apologies again.

I mean, I’m sure you all know I am not one to complain, but its been a very odd sort of week.  Mike had a day off – I know, a whole day – just who does he think he is? – last week, but when I tried to take half a day this week, Lola kept jumping up and licking my face as I was gently dozing off – not my most successful attempt at napping, I must confess.  And what with my mercy dash to Kent, I missed about 6 hours sleep, so…have you got out your sympathy violins and started playing for me yet?  Mind you, I think our grass needs your sympathy more –

For those of you who didn’t think rain ever stopped in North Wales, I offer our lawn as exhibit A

OK so this is all shameless flannel, as this week has not been the most thrilling.  And I don’t just mean because I had to submit two essays for my theology course last Friday, and I was embarrassingly close to the deadline before I managed to hit that button.

We started off just scraping loose paint off…

we have started removing the paint.  We started by using a scraper and similar devices, but soon found this would have been a very long job.  So we have started to use a pressure washer to wash loose paint of the walls, but this did bring some additional issues.  When washing one wall, we managed to ‘created’ a couple of leaks into a ground floor room, so had to change our technique for paint removal on that part of the wall which faces the road.  I haven’t taken too many photos as they all tend to look the same… but the one below shows how painstaking this task can be.

…but rapidly moved to using the pressure washer

Meanwhile Mike has been working on the floor 3 rooms.  Specifically, he is now preparing to fit out the two bathrooms.  Earlier today, I’m sure you can imagine our excitement as we inspected a range of porcelain fitments, and have now selected the loos and hand basins which should be delivered next week.

So you can see how much paint has been removed

Out of the headlines, Alex and I have been tidying up various areas in readiness for Mike to move down a layer in the next week or so.  We now have plenty of kindling (and fewer pieces of old furniture) ready for when the temperature dips a tad, and I have opened up a space sufficiently large to house the many baths we are still storing, ready for when they are needed.


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