Water, water everywhere… but the drip is cured.

Bathrooms continue to be our main concern this week.  In addition to what follows, we (or, more accurately, Mike) have/has been pressure washing the old paint off the front of the building.  We need to leave it to dry now, and we are keeping everything crossed that we have a dry spell next week during which we can stabilise and re-paint.  Here’s hoping for something of an Indian summer.

Below you see the ‘other’ bathroom on floor 3.  We hadn’t finished installing the insulation as we had a rogue set of wiring in the way – but we have now worked out how to work around this.  So whilst I was cutting and fitting foam insulation…

Bathroom 2 floor 3

…Mike was busy trying to resolve a leak in the new sink.  It took me a while to get my head around it, but apparently the plug fitting and the sink trap did not fit together sufficiently well, such that some water was running through the plughole but not into the sink trap.  Hope you all have a clear mental picture of this now, as a quiz will follow.  Anyhow, today, on only the fourth attempt, Mike reinstalled the old sink trap (because this is amenable to a lot of torque when tightening – as opposed to the newer, plastic-er fitting that came with the sink, which couldn’t be tightened up as far) and all is now watertight.  Phew!

Dealing with the drip…

After installing the bath, Mike has built an end wall (to enclose the foul waste plumbing) and plastered it, so that bathroom 1 is nearly in its final shape.

The end wall has been installed

Meanwhile bathroom 2 has now been insulated, and the insulated plasterboard fitted over that, so woe betide any draughts thinking of trying to get in here.

Fitting the insulation

Today we decided to split roles.  Mike continued working in bathroom 2 where the access door had to be moved.  Earlier today, the stud work you can see on the right was installed, and stud work that used to exist on the right of the shot was removed.  (This will ensure, on completion, that the various room doors do not crash into each other when people are using the apartment.

The doorway has been moved…

I, on the other hand, declared it a gardening day as it was vaguely dry and almost sunny.  Obviously the photo doesn’t do it credit, but I have weeded out vast quantities of couch grass and assorted other weedery, ready for a mulch to be put in place next week, I hope.

My gardening day is nearly over

It was lovely to be outside working on the garden though – roll on the day when this can be my major preoccupation, rather than an occasional recreation!

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