We can see clearly now the floors have gone

We have been working on the stairs this weekend, when not working in the cafe.  As we cleared down the stairs, we used hazard tape on the newel posts to remind us that there are currently no balustrades in place.  Here we are looking at stairs running from floor 2 to 3…

The stairs between floors 2 and 3 with hazard tape accessories

…and here between floors 1 and 2, where we removed the remainder of the floor and then the props which had supported the floors.

The prop supporting stairs between floors 1 and 2

Once the prop had been removed Mike was able to descend the stairs without bowing too deeply to avoid the props.  (Only joking – I think he is sweeping the stairs here).

Mike just checks the stairs one last time…

This shot from floor 3 may give you more of a sense of a complete stairwell now being in place, even though it is hard to see the bottom…

Looking down from floor 3…

…but here we can see floor 0 looking to floor 1, where a large chunk of floor is still blocking access.

Now to tackle the stairs between floors 0 and 1

We removed the old two-level floor (and the vast quantities of builders sand which had been sandwiched between the two levels as a sound proof layer) and then started removing the old joists…

Ready to remove the joists

…until all that remained was the mains electrical cables serving the cafe and all floors above.  Mike has engaged a local electrician to start moving these cables which should be in the next ten days.

…and now with joists removed.

So, as of this afternoon, we can now walk up all 8 flights of stairs from floor 0 to floor 3, providing you don’t mind walking under and then over the mains cables.  Job (nearly) done!

In between jobs, we have made several layers of wedding cake for our daughter and her fiance’s wedding next month.  And today, Carrie took the afternoon off to wander around Bodnant garden with a friend from UEA in glorious sunshine – what a chore!  Whatever will we find to do next…?


2 thoughts on “We can see clearly now the floors have gone

  1. Glad everything on the up in the way of stairs. Only just found how to leave a comment and to get an email when you post a new blog.

    1. Dear Julie
      Glad to see you are fully ‘in touch’ as it were. Look forward to reading more of your posts and seeing you once you are back in Blighty – bearing in mind we are enjoying fantastic weather at the moment! Lots of love, Carrie and Mike

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