We continue to just scrape by…

In our grand refurbishment project, I left you with this image last week, showing how the one section of this wall that we didn’t completely rework a few years ago has started to flake and was in need of attention. However, you may recall last week was intensely hot, so there was a limit to how much time Gill and I were prepared to work in full sun to do this work….

…but when it cooled down a couple of days ago, we got stuck in and here’s the result. It is taking longer than we hoped as the stabiliser we used before top coating last time is making the job harder, but we are at least making progress.

In the meantime, the electrician who is signing off Mike’s installation popped in this week. He needed Mike to change one of the RCD breakers, but otherwise all was well – which is quite a relief. Can you spot the breaker with the wrong rating?

We also had a visit from the coffee machine rep, who has re-trained me in the fine arts of being a barista. I took these shots to remind me of what a cappuchino and latte should look like, but the way he has trained me to make coffee is really rather different to the training from his colleague about 5 years ago. Only time will tell whether I get more positive comments with the new method.

This picture is to show off my dierama. I grew these angel’s fishing rods from seeds a few years ago, and cannot tell you how happy I am that they are returning year after year…

…especially as I have relatively little time for gardening at the moment. We are still very busy on the hospitality front, but hope to have some more pictures of (at least some) refurbishment to share with you next time.

Full marks for anyone who said the B40 should be swapped for a B32!

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