We just need to get plastered now…

We took further deliveries of insulated plasterboard on Wednesday, and Yvonne and Julie have now helped us insulate all external walls on floors 1 and 2 – except for the en suite bathrooms, which we still need to do once we have removed the baths.

The electrics are nearly all in…

Mike just managed to keep ahead of us with the wiring… and whilst I did whatever was necessary, Julie and Yvonne cut and then glued the insulation in place using the ‘dob and dab’ method.  This involved making a stiff paste with specialist adhesive and, as you can see below, the water used in this technique obviously has a superior taste.  Boyd managed to brave the floors on which two dogs were pacing to have a quick swig…

Anyone would think our cat had a water bowl…

—but she doesn’t look too bad on it, we think.

…Boyd caught after the act

Now that all this insulation is in place, prepare yourself for lots of plastering photos.  Mike will need to get started, as he can only manage 3 days in a row plastering before his arm muscles begin to give in.

Jane meanwhile has been experimenting in the kitchen and created what turned out to be a very popular chocolate and mint checker cake.

Jane’s checker board cake

We will be losing our house guests tomorrow which will be a blow personally (as they are great fun) but also because the work rate will visibly reduce, I think.  Not shown in the pictures is the day we spent yesterday on the hillside behind the house stem injecting the rhodo stumps that survived last year’s cull, and then moving on to hack back some of this year’s portion.

We think Lola might be glad, though.  Although she does enjoy having a friend in the house, I am not sure she is old enough yet to be fair when it comes to sharing toys….

Foss and Lola trying to share a toy

According to the Countryfile weather forecast tonight, it will be wet and windy next week, so I am glad we have had a few days outside recently.  I look forward to a lot of indoor work next week, hoping it might be a little warmer than the last few days.

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