Weather or not we will be building…

…has to be assessed daily, but we still have plenty to do! To remind you, we are currently ‘refurbishing’ the foundations for two self-catering suites, and below you can see we have cast two further pads for the steels (one in the foreground and the other barely visible in the centre top of the picture).

After that, we needed to knock down a short stump wall. We had left the demolition till now, because it was a useful stiffening device for the rest of the walls, which we absolutely did not want to fall down!

Below you can see Mike just taking the last little bits of the wall stump away before the weather was scheduled to change…

…which it duly did the next morning.

Lola and Freddie look unimpressed, but you should have seen their dances of delight when they got onto their proper walk and got to frolic in the SNOW…

…and Mike tried to take a few mean and moody arty shots on the dog walk.

This week the snow has gone and we had a wonderfully warm morning to get back to building the foundation walls. Last week we built the foundation wall running north to south (visible just right of centre below) on the plot, so this week we are working west to east.

Mike first laid two of the blocks in the new wall and checked them for level, and within moments – well hours really, but who’s counting-

…we had this much wall. Whilst Mike was doing this, I had my Welsh lesson, and then spent the day helping Mike and also processing rubbish so…

…managed to fill the bin.

Meanwhile Debbie Baxter has been busy with her paintings in the stairwell which now show the view up the Snowdon valley towards Snowdon on floor 1 and…

…a skyscape on floor 2. These are not yet quite complete, but we are thrilled to have Debbie Baxter originals on the walls, literally!

Work will continue over the weekend, assuming the weather holds, as we have now ordered the steel frame and need to pull our fingers out to be ready to take delivery!

2 thoughts on “Weather or not we will be building…

  1. Hi Carrie & Mike,
    So glad to hear about & see the progress. The snow scene’s were beautiful and I love the paintings inside. Here’s hoping that it’s onwards and upwards from now on.
    We may get to call in this year, as we didn’t make it last year.

    Kim & David

    1. Hi Kim and David, It would be wonderful to see you again if you are in the area! AS you can imagine, we are usually around somewhere. Its fantastic to be moving forwards again and we are really looking forward to the delivery of the steel frame which has been promised for next weekend…but as that the Easter weekend and we are fully commited to being ‘mein host’ it likely won’t appear on the blog until a week or so later…but roll on that day! Very best wishes, Carrie

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