Well, that should work…

You may recall that last time, I explained we had installed a doorframe at a slightly different dimension than the one required.

If you have really good eyesight, you might notice that there is a glue line in the frame (right hand piece of wood) above. To solve our rather capacious problem, we trimmed and planed a piece of solid wood and glued it in place to block in the excess space. We then hung the door, and will at some point add a new door jamb which will fully correct our mistake. That took a couple of hours extra work, but it saved pulling down a stud wall and breaking the frame apart, so we feel we got off pretty lightly.

Next we filled some patches in the floor to bring them level, ready for tiling…

…and then we started preparing to create the ladies loos. The space earmarked for this room currently has only half a ceiling, so we started by adding studwork to the walls and then extended the wooden frame of the existing ceiling.

In the shot above, you can see a small portion of the existing ceiling and our new frame reaching completion.

Whilst the building work steadily progressed, we decided to have a day out in Llandudno. Here you see the pier as the afternoon sun faded away following a lovely sunny day, and below you see the real reason for our jaunt…

We knew it had been a while since we last had our eyes tested, but now we know why we have been struggling to read the subtitles on the tv, and possibly also the instructions for some procedures… Mike’s new bins are a lot stronger than his last…

…and mine should be considerably more effective than my current ones.

During lockdown, we have started a new working pattern, giving ourselves Saturday off and then spending time together in the garden on Sundays. This week’s task was to remove a tree just behind the labyrinth which had blown over a couple of years ago. You may be able to see the main trunk behind Mike’s back, and one of the main limbs between Mike and Dick above.

Here you can see that the tree has gone, better revealing the rockface behind. I will shortly be working out quite how to fill the gap, ensuring the rock behind is not obscured, noting it may well involve the shrubs in my hands!

As we finished chopping the tree into tiny pieces, we turned to go in and I took this snap. Doesn’t the Lledr vally look fabulous at this time of year!

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