We’re jammin’…

This has been a different style of week.

For the first few days, I continued to undercoat everything that didn’t move on floor 3, to the point where now it only remains to top coat everything before we call in the carpet and furniture. Meanwhile…

Heated towel rail, ready for duty.

…Mike has been fitting the heated towel rail in the en suite bathroom…

… in between fitting the doors into the door surrounds. It is a constant source of amazement to me, the number of ways in which the walls here are not square or true to each other, so it has been no simple task for Mike to trim these to fit!

Progress has been limited, however, because Jane is on holiday so I have been majoring on kitchen duties. This means slower progress on the building, but more on the marmalade making. We have now added Oxford marmalade and Orange & Ginger to the stores, and Mike’s Mum’s Marmalade will be coming off the production line on Monday.

On another topic, Lola (the dog) and Boyd (the cat) continue to try to live together. Lola really, really wants to play. Boyd would like to play, based on how loudly he purrs when Lola is nearby, and on how ineffective he is at padding her away. It seems, though, that neither is quite sure what the rules of the game are, so we get the Mexican Standoff as a regular feature.

You might also notice the box in centre of the picture. Can you guess how successful we have been at training Lola to return her toys to the box at the end of each day?

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