We’re only making work for Michael….

The weather here was not ideal for walkers this Easter.  Holy Saturday was very cold, Easter Sunday was wet, and on Bank Holiday Monday morning, we were covered in inches of snow.  We therefore had quite a quiet weekend in the cafe, but I am delighted to report that we have been busy during the week, as the weather picked up.

We had a wonderful surprise on Tuesday when Alison, a super friend and excellent colleague from my UEA days walked in, unannounced, with her husband and daughter – so of course no work was done then!  I really should have thought to take a photo…

Wednesday saw us attaching a length of 4″ x 2″ to the old back wall of the manor, so that it can anchor the wall we will build to house a fire door.  In addition, we removed part of the overhanging second floor to clear the space needed for the floor 2 landing.

Anchorage point in place, about one third across from left of picture
Anchorage point now supporting lintel

At one point, we were drilling into the wall (which is the back wall of the old manor) and found out just how hard life can be if you are a drill bit.

We really didn’t think slate would be so hard to drill!

Thursday Mike continued to pull down part of floor 2 – which you may recall from the last blog when I was lifting floorboards, but he forgot to take a photo first…

Naughty Mike…
Still dismantling the old floor two

…and then cut a hole out of the block wall ready to house one end of the trimmer.

Great view up through all the floors

Today, Mike put a prop under part of the floor 2 floor and then cut away some joists and cut some plywood to face part of the wall.

Part of floor 2 cut away, and the plywood in place…

Mike also had to replace a tap in the commercial kitchen which has been oozing very slightly from a split seam.  Being Mike, once he had replaced one, he then got very uncomfortable as they were no longer a matching pair, so this is a record of the perhaps 10 minutes in which the universe didn’t quite work as it should until all was made good when the second tap (on the right) was upgraded.

One drip or two, sir?

You may have noticed I haven’t appeared much in today’s blog, which might be related to my having to spend quite a lot of time in the cafe over the last week days – always good fun – and having a two essay deadline of midnight last night so I might have spent quite a lot of time not actually completing my apprentice-deputy-assistant-trainee-under-builder role.  Oops, better get back to it before someone notices…



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