We’ve had a breakthrough!

Just a quick whistle-stop tour of the last few days for you….

On Monday, we fibre-glassed  the top of the walls around the snug roof, as we suspect these walls have been acting as wicks to trickle water into the snug below, followed by a little light gardening to the rear of the bar/restaurant because pretty soon we want visitors to have a beautiful landscape to view rather than a sodden rock face covered with occasional clumps of grass.

On Tuesday, we boxed in the facia board /eaves to prepare for the fitting of the gutters, and began to prime the new woodwork, which was only slightly curtailed by the arrival of rain.

On Wednesday it was 5 months to the day since we moved in.  I wanted to say we celebrated this, but perhaps it would be fairer to say we reflected on quite what we had done.  We also had our breakthrough, or two.  We created one doorway (by removing a blocked up window and low wall) from the room which was the bar cellar and will soon be the kitchen into the snug, soon to be the storeroom (do try to keep up there) and as if this wasn’t enough we then knocked a second doorway through from the cellar/kitchen into the bar/restaurant.  In case this description is not helpful, I hope the photos explain more clearly:

view from snug into cellar through newly created doorway
view from snug into cellar through newly created doorway
Photo from cellar showing doorway into snug (left) and doorway into restaurant (right)


In other news, the birds which looked like they were going to nest outside our bedroom window seem to have moved on, and they now appear to be nesting in the eaves, including the very decorative ones, along with a small army of other birds.  This will slightly upset our work schedule, since I was pencilled in to repair and repaint these eaves over the summer in an attempt to make the building look rather less ramshackle.  Quick revision: I am now hoping for a kind dry wind and an Indian summer this autumn to enable us to complete this work before the end of the year.

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