We’ve seen the light!

What a long time it seems to be since I last wrote, which might be because I have a lot of photos to share.

Having made suggestions to Mike for a year or so, we have finally parked some of our bigger tools in somewhere dry.  Clearly, we were spoiled in Norfolk – when it hardly ever rained – and left large tools outside all year, but we have now parked many of them in the single storey end of the building.  When we found that Mike couldn’t un-freeze the gear box on the sit-on mower, we both agreed that that would have to stay outside a little longer, as we didn’t have time to offer the full service on moving day.

Just a small adjustment required before the digger could be moved…
..whereas Big Max (the blue wheelbarrow) moved happily, even moving a load of logs indoors
Here you see the space we cleared to garage the tools

Once that was completed, I returned to cutting and fitting the between-the-rafters insulation on floor 3.  Whilst this is not the most cerebral of jobs, it has the advantage that I can leave it and return at will, and also don’t need Mike’s help, so it is a great in-fill job in several senses of the word.

Still insulating the third floor
Are we nearly there yet?

As you can see, it is coming along nicely.

Aha! One wall out of four now pretty much finished!  Anyone fancy an avocado hand basin, only slightly used?

Whilst much of this was happening, Mike was in the cafe as Jane had a few days holiday last week.  We also have another distraction from work in that (Uncle) Tim has dropped by to stay for a week or so, and so we have been doing the entertaining thing as well.

Today, we decided it was time to start the next big task.  The six Velux windows on the third floor were all in pretty poor condition – one broken into several pieces, one housed a polycarbonate replacement; and the remainder were fogged up.  We had purchased the replacement glazing some months ago, but had not been entirely successful understanding the instructions.  The Scandinavian images no doubt mean something to someone, but we still be questions.  We checked on YouTube and saw several people replacing windows, and today – yes, today – we decided to give it a go, which might have had something to do with there being an additional pair of hands at our disposal whilst Tim is around…

I believe this was once a window
No need to worry anyone -Mike and Tim are on the job

So Mike and Tim worked to release the pane from the frame and happily wrestled it into submission onto the work bench, where the pit-stop team removed the restraints, cleaned the sides with meths, removed and replaced the glass, and generally reassembled the window.


Viola. Velux window removed, renewed and ready for us to return…

We then had to replace the window in the frame which is only very slightly wider than the window.  This took a surprising number of attempts as the window had to be put through the frame on a diagonal and then pulled back square, but by this time most of the weight of the window is hanging out of the frame and became very difficult to control.

I’m sure this must fit back here somehow…

Eventually we found a way to get the weight in the right place and slip the tongue and groove fitment back together so that the window could be secured in place,

Mind your head a moment – I just need to twiddle this bit

and then we experienced that delightful moment of knowing the task had been completed without us releasing it by mistake and allowing it to plummet 3 floors and shatter into a gazillion pieces.

Oh yes, finally…

Once we had it in place, we stopped for coffee and then returned to check that the window was still in place.

A rather improved view – which will be even better once we work out how to remove the old blinds!


After coffee we replaced one of the larger windows, and after lunch we re-glazed the polycarbonate window and have now half finished this task.  Here’s hoping next time I can show you further evidence of progress!



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