What a find!

The last few days has seen us cutting and fitting plywood / plasterboard /flooring chipboard to the walls/ceiling/floor of the en suite bathroom-to-be.

Remind me now – how does this thing work?

The more exciting news is that we finally managed to get airborne on our helicopter flight! For those who don’t know, my siblings very kindling bought us a Snowdonia helicopter ride for our wedding anniversary 19 months ago, and on the eleventh time of booking we finally had good -enough weather for take off… The route initially followed the A470 so…

Plas Penaeldroch, seen from quite a long way up

Dolwyddelan, also at a distance

…and the blue pool above is in Portmeirion

…we flew over Plas P., then on to Dolwyddelan and over the Crimea pass to Blaenau Ffestiniog. At BFF we steered right to the coast (which is astonishingly close by area as opposed to by road) and looped over Portmeirion back up to the Ogwen valley and home via Swallow Falls in Betws y Coed. All in all a really good sightseeing trip which we both thoroughly recommend.

One curtain…

On a completely different subject, I am now going to confess to some pretty shabby housework – you have been warned.

Above, you can (just about) see the inside of the enclosed porch beyond the site of the original front door to Plas. Some years ago, two upholstered benches were installed in here, and a second exterior door was fitted making easy access from the outside impossible.

Since we arrived, we have wondered whether the plywood panels in the porch replaced original glazing, but-if so- assumed this was changed when the benches were installed, to prevent fading, or water ingress, or some such.

Anyway, on Saturday, I was walking in and out of the porch to trim panels of wood, and at one point got slightly caught up in the curtain. I confess that in nearly 3 and a half years occupation, we had not once moved these curtains (oh, the shame) to dust or clear around them… so you can imagine my surprise when I tweaked the curtain to get it out of my way and…

Four, or possibly more, leaded panels, wedged at the end of the bench

…found a stash of glazed panels. These look of a style to have been original. Unfortunately, I cannot work out how to move the panels for a closer look, as they are firmly wedged in place at the moment. But we definitely look forward to changing this entrance porch in due course and returning these panels to pride of place.

After all, only one more little job to add to quite a big list…!

2 thoughts on “What a find!

  1. I loved hearing about your helicopter ride. Hearing about all your plans is very interesting.
    Good luck

    1. Thanks so much – every little bit of encouragement is much appreciated! So glad you are enjoying reading about this lovely old building. All the best, Carrie

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