What a great knit!

We are getting close to finishing this phase of the refurbishment, but not fast enough as far as I am concerned! To be fair, we were away last weekend and then took this Monday and Tuesday off to recover from our travels, so haven’t actually spent that much time on building work this week. We are now ready to give it our all again, but first throught you would like to see that Lola definitely managed without us as she took her morning constitutional with our brilliant neighbours…

This week sees the clock really start ticking. To encourage us to focus, I have ordered the carpet delivery for 22nd December, and we have Shaun coming in to put the finishing touches on the decorating from 14th December, so we just need to finish the plumbing, the electrics, the ceilings including plastering, and constructing and architraving the doorways, so not much to do…

Here I have painted behind where Mike will soon be installing radiators, whilst Mike ‘undid’ some of last week’s work. You may recall that we were happy bunnies when both hot and cold water had been connected to the new sinks. That continued until last Friday morning when Mike turned on the cold tap and found, to his considerable surprise, that the water was hot. Head scratching followed, as did a quick trip above the ceiling, where it was discovered that we had connected the sinks to the central heating pipes rather than the water supply pipes. Oh well, I guess we should expect to get it properly wrong once in a while.

So Mike cut the pipes…

…and went about redirecting the water. As he did that, I have been painting and cutting the next tranche of skirting boards to fit…

…but can’t fit them in place at present as we have too many little bits of work to do before we are ready for that.

The other thing that has been keeping me busy since the new wool arrived on 18th September is some knitting.

Pip is kindly modelling the project that has kept me very busy in the evening recently

2 thoughts on “What a great knit!

  1. Hi Carrie and Mike.
    It’s good to see the progress that you are making and Carrie, I love that Cardi. It must have taken you ages, especially with all those ends to weave in. I showed it to David , who asked me when I was going to make one. He said it was just what I needed to keep me quiet on a long winters night!
    Sorry I haven’t posted much of late but I don’t know where the time goes, but always read, meaning to comment. then before I know it, another post is up.
    We’re off to Kilmarnock for Christmas to visit David’s parents.
    Stay Well and Warm both

    Kim Cranson

  2. Dear Kim
    I am so glad you are both well, and hope you have a super time in Kilmarnock. We may be going to stay with our daughter and grandson, unless the dismal situation in Wales gets even worse when we are likely to stay put.
    Amazingly, the sweater took about 3 months to knit (or which at least 2 weeks was just sewing in the ends). The rush was because I had said I would try to knit it for our youngest as a Christmas pressie, and then realised she would not then be able to wear it around her student friends, as by the time they got back in the New Year, all things Christmas would have been put away til next year – so I slogged on but was really pleased to finish it in time.
    I do hope you all have a lovely time, and look forward to the days when we might actually meet up again!
    All best wishes, Carrie

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