What a load of old rubble!

I start with a few more shots of the gorgeous Freddy and his proud owner, Pips

What an adorable pup. Sadly, Pips can’t have him with her whilst she completes her studies in Cambridge, so he will be staying with us until Pip’s ordination at the end of June.

On a much more exciting note (?), above you can see the single storey building, after we removed the roof and demolished the internal walls, and with all the rubble waiting for removal. Yesterday we were delighted when the equipment arrived on site and we were able to say to the rubble, ‘going…



Look – so cleared out and raring to go. At last we can call the building inspectors in to check our next steps…

2 thoughts on “What a load of old rubble!

  1. Hope you all enjoyed a Happy Easter, lovely to see Pip and Freddie, and to get to dog sit for a couple of months, hope you only teach him good tricks.

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