Will the wind be so mighty..?

We are having a very windy time up here.

I surrender…

On Monday it was blowy. Tuesday night, it was difficult to sleep as the noise of rattling windows and roof parts was huge, and the ‘bang’ at about 2 a.m. when, we now know, the table above was blown several yards into the fence and overturned: well, I will leave you to imagine that.

River is up…

The river Lledr is well up, and you may have heard that the River Conwy has burst its banks in Llanrwst.

view from the bridge

This is a view of the Lledr taken from the road bridge earlier today.

Mike has been sorting the electrics

On the refurbishment front, Mike has completed the electrics above the ceiling in the main bedroom on floor 2, and was then able to fit the plasterboard to complete the ceiling.

Lola on important branch carrying duties

In the mornings, Mike has been walking Lola on a regular path and she now seems to think her job these days is Chief Stick Walker. She resolutely trots with them a few yards downhill and then parks them, ready to move them another few yards downhill the next day.

Skirting all cut to size…

Today I cut and fit the skirting board to two rooms on floor 2. One lot was glued in place, but the second lot (showing) will be glued tomorrow when the clamps become available. Lola is beginning to learn her supervisory role…

Mike fits the last piece of ceiling to this room

…and Mike completed the ceiling. It feels really good to be working together again after a full week in which I was dedicated to working in the cafe during Jane’s holidays, knowing that before that for weeks we had been on different floors with me painting, and Mike building. We have now decided that we want a chance to work together for a bit…

Sean has joined the team!

…which is why we are delighted to welcome Shaun to Project Plas. Shaun is a friend who works locally as a painter and decorator, who has now taken over painting the final coats on floor 3. When that is finished, he will move to floor 2 by which time we hope Mike and I will be rebuilding floor 1. Or at least that is the plan…

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