Will we be starting to build again soon..?

Mike and I have taken a few days away last week, thoroughly enjoying our break. Below is the beach at Marloes that we walked to on a sunny, bracing day in January just to prove we did occasionally put our books down and do a little gentle exercise! Now we are refreshed and ready for the challenge ahead.

We had to cut up some tree trunks into logs for the wood burner, partly because we need for fuel at the moment, and partly because they are blocking the entrance for the concrete lorry to approach the…

…ground beam. We have finally finished the metal frame ready for…

…Building Control who will visit to inspect it next Thursday, when the concrete lorry is scheduled to deposit six cubic metres of concrete into the metalwork to complete the beam.

Here’s hoping we have ordered the right amount of concrete!

As a bit of therapy, I have started planting the pallet of plants that we received last autumn.. I know the timing is not perfect, but by the time spring arrives we plan to be very busy building, so needs must.

Providing we have some rain in the next few weeks, which lets face it is pretty likely, hopefully these will settle in quickly and help distract people from the building works!

2 thoughts on “Will we be starting to build again soon..?

  1. Glad you managed to get a wee break.
    Here’s hoping that Building Control are good to you and let the concreting go ahead. Onwards & upwards!


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