Windows 10 v. Penaeldroch

The stairwell issue is as yet unresolved, but we believe it may soon be. Various options have been discussed with the architect/designer, with the staircase manufacturers, and with the Building Control inspector, and we await detailed drawings before any firm decisions can be taken.
So in the meantime, I am showing you a photo of the end wall that Mike completed for the ground floor of the stairwell on Tuesday.

The end wall for the stairwell

Mike has also been mowing in the fine weather we had yesterday, to try to keep the place looking reasonable ahead of our Great Get Together on Sunday.

The lower lawn being cared for by Mike

Meanwhile, I have been changing the contents of the planters to their summer pelargoniums. After Mike had primped the area, I thought it wise to take a photo. These are the severalth versions, as on previous attempts I found wheelbarrows sneaking into the shot, or a broken tile lying in shot etc…

Trying to get a good shot of the seating area outside the cafe

Here’s hoping these shots give a reasonable impression of the area now.
but I notice both of these show a roll of tape on one of the benches. Back to the drawing board…

Yesterday and today, I have been working on the windows again. The detail showing below is to remind us that the windows were almost all damaged when we purchased…

lest we forget – evidence that the windows we are replacing are in a pretty poor state

but now we have a nearly finished set of re-glazed and repainted windows on the right, and are showing those on the left for comparison (but I suspect you may need to get closer to see some of the yukkier detail)
One set of windows almost finished – time to move on…

Weirdly, even though it is quite warm outside, I am having to wrap up well to prep these windows, since the wind howls past this side of the building, even on sunny days.
Here we go again!

Before I go and leave you to your weekend, a brief reminder that this Sunday we are hosting a lunch for the Great Get Together, to celebrate community. The idea is that people bring food or drink to share with their neighbours so that we can enjoy a few hours together. We look forward to seeing some of you for this between 2-4pm on Sunday.

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