Winnowing the windows…

We have been very busy this past week but, sadly, much of it – being work in the cafe- is not remotely photogenic, so I will gloss over that for tonight!

Last weekend we were visited by a group of car enthusiasts who paused here by for lunch and a drink, and parked their lovely vehicles in front of the building for a moment or two.


Fancy a new old car anyone?


Here we are looking at the Mustang and Holdens from another angle…

The weather has been quite damp this week, so we have largely ignored the grounds in favour of the building, with specific reference to those parts accessible from the new scaffolding.  The eagle eyed among you may notice that on the second floor, a window on the left hand side has been removed and the void bricked up.  This is necessary because the window space will be within the new stairwell which (being fire rated) cannot include ‘normal’ windows.  To give you a flavour of our actual activities, I will let you know that Mike and I have been laboriously removing the glazed panels before removing the frames as our ‘normal’ method of work.  Uncle Tim (who is being wonderfully helpful during his stay this week) decided to help us by reminding us that ‘during the war’ they taped windows so that, should they get shattered through bomb damage, the glass would break but would stay in place courtesy of the tape.  Being generous and obliging souls, obviously we gave him free rein to try this technique but, when a large piece of glass happily leapt to freedom and plummeted two floors down bouncing off occasional bits of scaffolding before shattering on the rock at ground floor, we regretted not reminding him that he was dealing with double glazed panels and thus it was necessary to tape both the outside and inside pieces of glass…

As we have more windows to remove and re-glaze, and as no-one but us can access the affected space, I will leave sweeping up (probably vacuuming up) the fragments for a day or two…


Missing windows… left hand now blocked up, and the centre one without the old frame.

Today we had one or two (!) horses and their riders pay us a visit, and since the sun was shining (which is quite unusual here at the moment) we share this picture of our rural idyll with you.

A lovely day in North Wales

But today’s main work was the window below.  As you can see, Mike has put the new frame in place (in the left hand side of the void, as we look at it) and tied it in.

The old window frame has been taken out, and the new window frame is on its way in and (below) shown from the outside of the building.


He (Mike) then spent much of the afternoon, with Tim, blocking out the right hand side, so that when the new staircase is in place, the walls will not bisect any windows.

Frame now fixed in place, with the ‘surplus’ blocked in

The rest of today was spent discussing colour themes for the exterior of the building.  Currently, we have the grey/green slate of the old manor house, and a white painted render on the newer extension.  Once we have finished faffing with the windows, we will start painting the exterior reached from the scaffolding, so we needed to agree on the colour to use.  My preference, for ease, was to over-paint the white with more white paint, whilst Mike (and others) have argued to paint over the white with a grey/green colour to better tie the two parts of the building together.  To remind you in full of the question:

here is a photo of the building when we moved in 18 months ago.

If you wish to voice an opinion, please drop us a comment to let us know your view: should the extension on the left hand side be overpainted (a) white (b) grey/ green to tie with the ‘manor’ element on the right hand side or (c) some other colour?  Please don’t worry about offending anyone by disagreeing with their pet answer: we promise not to take anything personally.  After all, I only have to over-paint all the white I repainted last year if the decision goes with grey/green, or some other colour,,,, but I don’t mind….

Clearly, we would love to hear from you and will value your opinions, but not necessarily act on them!

3 thoughts on “Winnowing the windows…

  1. Love both types of horse power you had visiting you for different reasons. Did the 4 legged variety leave some ” calling cards” for use on the garden?
    With regards to the paint job, personally I like it the way it is, with the new bit in white & then the original grey. When we first found you, it was the new bit we spotted first, plus it makes a perfect background for any advertising banners etc you may want to put up at anytime.
    Ps, would I be right in assuming that Plas was once home to somebody from Coates or Sylko? Someone connected to threads or sewing ?
    Take care all

    1. Dear Kim
      Lots of calling card was left (from all of our horse powered visitors!) but we are doing particularly well in terms of supplies for the rose garden, when we plant it. Thanks for the view on the paint job – we will bwe adding pictures tonight to help with the selection. And we have been told by someone who should know that the creator of the Sylko process once lived here – well done for finding that out!
      Hope all is well with you and yours, Carrie

      1. Hi Carrie and Mike,
        Had a look at the paint colours. Pale gravel would be my choice of paint:
        A) because I hate Magnolia with a passion, having lived in too many Army quarters that were painted in it, or it’s equally bland cousin, Mushroom.
        B) the Darker Gravel may make you blend into the wet Welsh weather too much and you may become invisible.!
        Off to re-pot my strawberry runners now whilst the sun still shines as it’s bound to rain tomorrow, it being a bank holiday!
        Take care both

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