Wishing you a wonderful New Year

For the last couple of weeks, the building work has taken a definite back seat.

Pretty much the only ‘refurbishment’ was the felling of our Christmas tree. The conifer you see had been growing right next to the boundary wall which will be restored along with the single storey section of the building, so we took it out now to make best use of it…

…as you can see. The tree was slightly too tall for its position, but the bent over top has added to its stability.

We took advantage of a quiet period in our bookings and nipped off for a week away in south Wales with family, including…

…our grandson who was fascinated by the beach, but Pop Pops wasn’t quite fast enought to pick him up before an incoming wave, so he was less enthralled with a welly boot full of cold water.

We returned to Plas to look after some guests in the week before Christmas, and then went away for some improving walks and a wonderful Christmas weekend with our family.

It’s the first Christmas that we haven’t hosted for many a long year, so our very grateful thanks to all those who did all the hard work – you know who you are!!

We wish everyone a very healthy, happy and blessed New Year, and look forward to letting you know all about our progress after we have looked after our remaining guests taking a Christmas break in this fantastic countryside.

2 thoughts on “Wishing you a wonderful New Year

    1. We hope you had a lovely Christma, and send our best wishes for a Happy Nw Year.
      How time flies – we have just got back from a weekend trip to see Will and his fiancee in their new house in Sheffield. TOm and his girlfriend, who live in Leeds, popped by to say hello. How on earth did we get so opld that our children are respectable adults??!??!
      Every good wish from Carrie and Mike

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